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Rudis Beer

Rudi's Pilsner 6 pack

Rudi's Pilsner 6 pack

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Rudi's Pilsner.

Subtle malts, mid-dry clean & crisp, 4 NZ hops Dr Rudi's, Motueka, Nelson Sauvin & Kohatu.

"Our pilsner falls more into the category of New Zealand pilsners rather than European ones. It embraces the unique characteristics of our local hops, offering a fuller body and intriguing flavour profiles."

Served up in a 6-pack as a more considered option for the more considered individual.

*R18 Product.
Enjoy Responsibly. At Rudi's, we believe in the balanced enjoyment of our crafted beers. Our passion for brewing is matched by our commitment to the responsible consumption of alcohol.

We encourage all our customers to drink mindfully, and always be aware of how much you're consuming. Remember that our beers are to be savored, not rushed.

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